Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Research: The Paranormal & Occult Definitions of the Number 33

So, back on November 17th I turned 33 years old. I was pretty excited about it, not because of my birthday so much, but more because I had always heard about the significance of the number "33" in numerology and the occult as a "Master Number" alongside the numbers 11, and 22. The deeper I looked into it, the more I saw that there were different interpretations of this concept. 

The most consistent bit of information that seemed to be uniformed across all schools of thought was the idea that the number 33 represents master teachers and greater guidance's from another realm or dimension. Some say it is representative of angels, higher spirits, or devas, while some say that the number 33 also brings with it protection and luck. 

The human spine is made up of 33 individual bones. This is important to note for two reasons; humans are the only species of creature on this planet that have the capability of walking upright, which differentiates us from other animals and beasts, and, the spine is absolutely crucial to kundalini meditation. The kundalini refers to the tail or base of the spine, and it is usually associated with sex and sensuality. In meditation, it is said that the chakra centers of the spine open up, and through the tail bone, energy rises up like a serpent, giving strength and balance to the body.

There are also biblical meanings behind the number 33. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ performs 33 miracles before being crucified at age 33. The number 3 itself  is also representative of the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. There is the idea presented by Doreen Virtue, a renowned spiritual teacher, that the number 33 is also refers to Jesus being present in your life and giving you guidance. So, the most often you see the number 33 in your everyday life, the more likely it is some Higher Guidance is present with you in spirit to help you in your troubles. 

The meaning behind the number 33, through numerology, is pretty abstract and is of course up for interpretation. It's one of those things that depending what you read you will connect with what you are looking for and disregard the rest. I do like how the author Nicole Brown puts it in an article she wrote for Spiritual Wisdom Magazine
"If you have noticed lately that you are continuing to see the Number 33, you are being asked to listen to your inner guidance. A role that you have played with someone has now ended, and it is time to move on to greener pastures. Become aware of the animals and gentle souls that you are surrounding yourself with. Connect with nature again, for it is there you will find your balance. Keep an eye on your finances, and start saving for that ‘rainy day’, you’ll be so glad that did. Have faith that it all works out in the end. Give your strength and voice to a higher calling. Your energy and understanding is much needed. Phone a friend. Don’t be a stranger. The Universe is showing you the way. Trust it." 
Nicole Suzanne Brown, "NickiB.", "The Spiritual Meaning of the Number 33", Spiritual Wisdom Magazine
In Unarius, through the guidance of Ruth Norman and her higher-self of URIEL (which stands for "Universal Radiant Infinite Eternal Light"), we also know that 33 is a significant number for our whole planet since we are vying to become the 33rd planet of the Interplanetary Confederation. In the liturgies and channeled material of Unarius, with the guidance of Ruth Norman and the efforts of her students, we find that the planet Earth has been part of a long existing master plan to be liberated from lower forces and to join the Interplanetary Confederation and exist in a more positive and progressive manner. When this occurs, it will be a complete paradigm shift for the entire planet. 

So, there is definitely a lot to research on this topic, and like all spiritual concepts a large part of it is interpretation. I like that best. I would be greatly disappointed if any of this were taken verbatim or if it was easy. As an abstract science the occult will always be filled with surprises, and with that a whole  series of lessons can be learned. I really hope my 33rd year of life on this planet will be a good and luck-filled one. I'm certainly going to put all of my efforts into it. 

Below are the links to the articles I read for this post. 


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Book Review: "A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels, and Other Subversive Spirits", by Carol Mack and Dinah Mack

This wonderful book, "A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels, and Other Subversive Spirits", by Carol and Dinah Mack, is one of my all time favorite books. I don't have any idea of the true scope of it's influence, but in my life this is maybe one of the top five big reads that made me who I am today. I bought my copy from a Barnes & Noble in Astor Place when I was in high school in the late 1990's, and I carried this book around with me for months just devouring it. I read it through at least three times before I finally put it down. It really captured my imagination and I felt like I was perusing through something unimaginably important. It made me feel like I was some sort of demon hunter or something like that. 

So, in this book is a guide to various demons and ghosts from around the world, categorized by location, type, etc., and a bit of their individual lore, and how to expel them if you were to for whatever reason meet one. It's pretty straight forward, and could be considered something like a dictionary of world monsters. It is not a huge book, and it only covers a small amount of what really is the world of demonology, but they selected a pretty interesting list of demons for you to read about. There are some famous creatures listed, as well as some very obscure ones, so it's a nice mixture of mythology. 

I really highly recommend this book, it's quite extraordinary. I've been hoping for a sequel book after all these years from the same authors but they haven't authored much since. There are other books similar to this one, guide books and dictionaries for amateur demonologists, but they never captured my attention like this one did. 

And even if Carol and Dinah Mack were to make a sequel, I wonder if they could capture the magic of this beautiful book. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What is "luck"?

Billiken, God of Things as They Ought to Be

Billiken is a squinty-eyed elf creature who very vaguely resembles the Laughing Buddha. Although not a Buddha in any sense, Billiken himself is the creation of an American artist who created a line of merchandise based around the Billiken character after having a dream about him one fateful night. Billiken was and is still considered a being that brings good fortune, good dreams, and is said to be the "God of Things as they Ought to Be". In other words, Billiken is the embodiment of luck.

Billiken is a relatively unknown little deity. There was a time though he was very popular and many people would have charms, dolls, and statues of him in hopes some of his luck would shine into their lives. Billiken was so popular that he became the mascot for the Saint Louis University football team, and the mascot for the Masonic group the Royal Order of Jesters, who dubbed Billiken the "King of Mirth". Billiken is a personal favorite deity of mine, and I really enjoy reading about his origins and the atmosphere he is supposed to bring; dreams, good luck, and happiness in everything. And, while thinking about Billiken I started to think about luck, and I wondered what it actually was or could be. 

Luck is a rudimentary way of understanding something much greater and complex than we'd care to think about. And maybe it's better off being that way; I feel that keeping faith and metaphysical matters humble and simple is best. Overthinking the spiritual and supernatural will leave you feeling dizzy because of the complex matters that sometime get attached to them. Still though, sometimes to understand something simply you have to get a greater look at the whole picture. 

When we talk about "Dharma", which is loosely translated as "cosmic order", we are also talking about universal principals of cause and effect, also known as "Karma". If Dharma is the order of the universe, then Karma is the reaction to that order. If you react positively, then positivity will flourish, and if you react negatively you will create waves of negativity. If you create an atmosphere that is pleasant, you and all the people around you will benefit from that pleasantness, and the opposite is also true. The "boomerang" effect of Karma is often overplayed I feel, but the concept is roughly correct; you do good and goodness will return to you, and if you create discord your life will feel that discordance. 

There is another factor that is very often overlooked or shrugged off as if it didn't exist; luck. Dharma, the universal order that governs the cosmos, is not a perfectly sound system. Now  the Buddha, who preached the Dharma, also said to not too much faith into concepts like luck; but millions of Buddhist followers still spend a great deal of time and money purchasing good luck items. So I guess it's a fair game concept. Also, many mystics believe that there is no such thing as "happenstance" or "serendipity", and that all things can still be traced back to Dharma and Karma, but if life is all about achieving new great heights and ascending to higher realms and dimensions of consciousness, how could any system of tests be successful without also increasing the odds of success and failure? 

Luck, I believe, is a byproduct of the Dharma/Karma system. Luck is the "checks and balances" that keep that Dharma/Karma system in many ways fair for both the universe and those who inhabit it. If we are indeed reincarnating, regenerating, and reappearing in new bodies after every transition of life and death, and if each new incarnation brings with it the baggage (Karma) of a previous lifetime, then there must be some point of evolution that occurs that creates a new atmosphere where we can really put our consciousness to the test. 

Good luck, and bad luck, are of course random. They must be, or else it would be "luck". Luck is neither Dharma (order) or Karma (a reaction), but rather more of a random state-of-being that may benefit or hinder a person. Think of luck like a "power-up" in a video game; some abilities may help you advance while others might make things more difficult. What I mean is, all power-ups are great, but not all power-ups are great for every situation. Luck is also, I believe, to be an unconscious factor. If Dharma is order, and Karma is a reaction, then luck must be a spontaneous and neutral factor to the universe but a reactive to us. Luck is the random power-up given to us by the universe to see if we can continue this game we call life regardless of  the power-up's usefulness. Luck can be a empowering or a detriment, but it is up to use how we react to it and how we integrate that luck into our lives. Luck might appear as an opportunity, as an item, a charm, the right person at the right time; anyone or anything can be an influencer or a carrier or luck.

At this point I might be starting to sound like I believe that luck is a cosmic force or law like Dharma and Karma, and to be honest, I don't think that's too far off at all. Luck is something created, on a small scale, due to the interaction of Karma to Dharma. Luck cannot be worked for, prayed for, controlled, or carried around in your pocket like a charm. If luck is spontaneous then it cannot be controlled. If luck is spontaneous then you can't be able to work for it. And if luck is spontaneous then your mindset can't control it either.

Still though, I feel that you are more likely to attract luck, or at the very least more capable in handling luck if you have the right mindset. What I mean is keeping a positive outlook, being an honest person, and just generally being someone who can handle both good and bad outcomes with a cool head an a nice dollop of stoicism. If luck is some sort of cosmic force, maybe it can be gathered. Many temples around the world sell talismans with prayers and incantations on them for believers to carry on their person in hopes that luck will shine upon them.

I wonder though, if luck really is its own cosmic force, a spontaneous and useful coincidence, or just part of the Karmic system of cause and effect. I'd like to believe it's a force all of it's own, but that's just me I suppose. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Research: Tibetan Buddhism Wheel of Life

Recently I have been reading the Tibentan Book of the Dead, and reading about the Wheel of Life. I thought I'd share a bit of that research here for anyone who finds this sort of thing interesting. It has been a thouroughly fascinating read, and I really recommend anyone who has an interest in reincarnation or Buddhism to check it out. The cosmology presented is beautifully complex but will still end with a simple answer that is founded on the teaching of the Buddha. 

The Wheel of Life

Supposedly first designed by the Buddha himself to preserve his teachings in a way that could only be diciphered by his students, the Wheel of Life is a prominent image in Tibetan Buddhism as it is seen as the map of the cycle of life, ascension, and decension. 

 Lord Yama Holds and Turns the Wheel of Life

  • Lord Yama, the deity who holds and turns the wheel represents and symbolizes "impermanence", which means he is in charge of change, life and death, and transitions. Yama himself is a deity in many different religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, etc.) and is usually portrayed as a gruff but loving deity. Although he always has an angry face, and even a demonic appearance, he is an important symbol when it comes to cosmic and personal transition or change. 

Buddha Points to the Moon

  • Buddha points to the moon to show the way to salvation or liberation, but is not liberation itself nor does Buddha create the conditions for liberation. The Buddha himself is just the way-shower, he can only lead you so far, and the journey is ultimately your own. The moon, portrayed a simple white circle, is meant to symbolize salvation or liberation through enlightenment.

The Three Poisons

The Three Poisons are placeholders for more complex meanings.  The pig will wallow in filth and eat whatever it likes, the snake will strike out if it feels even a little scared or threatened, and the cock (a specific type of fowl of India) is always attached to its mate. In the diagram, it appears they are holding one another by the tail, probably to indicate how one poison is attached to another or will lead a person to another. 
  • The Pig represents greed (ignorance)
  • The Snake represents hate (aversion) 
  • The Cock represents lust (attachment)
Circle of Karma

  • At the center of the image we can see, surrounding the three poisons, we can see a variation on the Oriental yin-yang symbol, which represents the inner struggle of man dealing with the three poisons throughout his incarnations. These reactions or interactions with the three poisons create an equation for ascension or soulic evolution. If you can imagine the images rotating like hands on a clock, you can see how with each stages comes with a new evolution. When combined with Lord Yama, you can see that all states are temporary. Nirvana itself may be a temporary state.

Six Realms of Cyclic Existence
  • "Samsara" is the "suffering-laden cycle of life, death, and rebirth, without beginning or end"
  • God ("Devas") Realm is where all souls go to live in near endless abundance without worry or fear. In this realm they often forget their responsibilities towards dharma, so when they pass on they reincarnate back into a lesser form.
  • Titan ("Asura") Realm - Land of reactive demi-gods, deities with immature attitudes (nature spirits perhaps?) who are envious of those who live in the God realm and enjoy messing around with those in the human realm.
  • Human ("Manusya") Realm is where all humans of decent enough cognizance exist with their daily struggles. Humans can envision higher realms, and work towards them, but are still bound to act out their biological or animal mechanisms or instincts.
  • Animal ("Tiryagyoni") Realm - man is reduced to a savage and ignorant state, and much like the animals who surround him, acts only in instinctive and savage ways.
  • Ghost ("Preta") Realm is where sub-astral entities, hungry demons, addictions and obsessions all dwell to effect the lives of humans. These entities were once human themselves and crave the sensations they once had while in physical form so they use living people to get a "high".
  • Hell ("Naraka") Realm is where souls go to suffer endlessly for eons. This is a temporary state, so it's closure to the concepts behind "purgatory" than it is "hell" in the Judeo-Christian sense. It is a place of suffering, but like the other realms, also a place of cleansing.
The Twelve Casual Links

The Twelve Casual Links are the reactionary system to the whole equation as it was first sparked by the Three Poisons meeting the Circle of Karma. Karma being the balance of cause and effect, and corresponding with the various realms, will still lead to these Twelve Casual Links (though each realm may have their own form of accepting or dealing with these Links). The result is the same for all the realms as we are born with ignorance, and eventually we will pass, and on some level, dimesion, or realm, we will incarnate into a new form and begin the journey again. 

The Twelve Casual Links
  1. Ignorance leads to Determinations
  2. Determinations leads to Consciousness
  3. Consciousness leads to Name and Form
  4. Name and Form leads to the Six Senses
  5. The Six Senses leads to Contact
  6. Contact leads to Pain
  7. Pain leads to Thirst
  8. Thirst leads to Grasping
  9. Grasping leads to Coming to be
  10. Coming to be leads to Birth
  11. Birth leads to Old Age
  12. Old Age leads to Death

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dream Journal: Strange ships

I had a dream last night where my friends and I were setting course on a small boat to go to some unknown destination. The boat wasn't something I would expect to be capable of sailing a great distance but my friends, who were the ones piloting it, seemed confident that it would be fine. At some point during our journey, we bump into another boat of similar design but it seems much bigger on the inside. My friends tell me we have to drain this boat of it's resources to ensure that our boat will last even longer out at see, and that this boat that we've bumped into seems vacant. I can't really argue with them as they've already connected the wiring to this new boat and have started siphoning off the resources from the boat, in particular the drinkable water from the tanks located in the kitchen area. 

As I wandered through this boat, which again seemed much larger on the inside, I came across a sleeping little girl, then I noticed that there were others who were asleep. Her family I presume. Then, as I turned a corner I noticed what seemed to be crewmen or servants who were awake. Possibly the guardians of these sleeping people. It was a little after seeing these people that I woke up. 

Now there a lot of ways I could interpret this dream, as it is pretty rich in simple symbolism. The vastness of the ocean could be symbolic of a long journey, while the boat represents myself and the crew represents the people around me who I sometimes feel have more control over my life than I do (work, local and federal government officials, etc.). I'm not sure what to make of the sleeping people though, I find that quite mysterious.

If I take another approach, this could be a past-life remembrance, and the ships themselves could be starships rather than boats, drifting through space rather than an ocean. If this is more of a memory, I would how it all panned out for me and the crew. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Protests and Chaos are currently the norm

Courtesy of CNN

This past week has been emotionally draining here in NYC. The day after the election was cloudy, dark, gloomy, rainy and perfectly suited the emotion drifting through the air in the city. Everyone was moving at a snails pace, blindsided by the results of the election, and most people refuse to acknowledge Donald Trump as our next president. It makes perfect sense here in NYC as we are the most diverse area in all of the US, but even here Trump has his supporters. Most of Long Island was in support of a Trump/Pence presidency. 

Courtesy of NBC

There have been protests everyday since the election, and I don't believe this will end at any point. If Trump lasts all 4 years in office then I expect there to be protests everyday, NYC, and other cities will more than likely all become so-called sanctuary areas for immigrants and minorities who feel threatened by this new regime, and that's probably for the best as violence and discrimination has been on the rise all week. And no one seems to be safe, from any demographic. And it goes both ways as the violence against Trump supporters has been escalating as well. It's slowly moving towards chaos. 

Those of us who have kept a cool head through all of this have been waiting for Trump to take office to see if his can accomplish the goals he set for himself and keep his promises. Trump's 100 day plan is without question, and for the most part sounds like a set of goals that might benefit the nation as a whole. I'm personally looking forward to the end of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) because I feel that has caused nothing but instability for us here in the US. 

I'm still not certain how to feel about this whole new regime. I feel as though we ought to remain hopeful and optimistic as Trump and Pence have yet to take office. It could go great, and I hope it does. I hope Trump can step up and take control of his nation and handle the responsibility that comes with his new position, and I hope he can talk some sense into the citizens who have been causing discord. 

So far, things look and feel rather bleak, but we've only taken the first step into a long journey. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My thoughts on Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Courtesy of InfoWars

So, Donald Trump is our new Commander-in-chief and the 45th president of the United States of America, and a great number of people who I love and respect are losing their minds. The few people who I know who were rooting for Trump this entire time are of course celebrating, and don't understand the negativity surrounding the views that so many people have with Trump. Personally, I feel that both sides are missing a great deal of the big picture. There are larger issues that this brings up that are far more complicated than anyone is willing to tackle or to deal with. 

Courtesy of InfoWars

Before I get into how I feel, or even talk about the larger issues, I guess I will recap on the election itself. 

Courtesy of YourNewsWire

I had my hopes set on Bernie Sanders. Although his promises ran on an overly positive and almost fanciful idealistic platform, I genuinely felt as though he had the right mind and heart for the job. Sadly though, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), didn't want Sanders to lead their party and sabotaged his campaign. There were media blackouts, and worse, the DNC was diverting funds towards Hilary Clinton's campaign even if they were meant for Sanders. Ultimately, the DNC ruined this election season for themselves I feel, and proved their corruption. It's heartbreaking to know they chose Clinton over Sanders, and ignored the voters. I'm not sure I can be a part of this party anymore. 

A great deal of people blame Trump for bringing out the worst in our society. I still say that was always there. Trump may have done us a favor by bringing out the ugliness of our nation. We all though were had already moved passed all of that, but we were only shielding ourselves from some inconvenient truths. Our nation is broken in that we will never fit in with any sort of global community, even if we are the greatest melting pot of cultures in the world. The majority of our nation wants to keep America an American nation and not a global one, and with that comes a lot of passionate if even wrongfully directed aggression towards other cultures. We are a reactive nation, for better or for worse. 

During the 1980's and the Reagan presidency, America tried to pretend everything was going great but there was a huge gap between the rich and the poor, and it was a devastating time where drugs and corruption nearly destroyed us. The 1990's, the Clinton years, felt prosperous and progressive, but really a lot of these issues (racism, corruption, drugs) were swept under the rug, ignored, or were tackled with "quick-fix" answers that made things worse (like mandatory minimums). The Bush years of the 2000's were a time of financial waste and needless war that led to a recession in 2006. Barrack Obama's presidency, although seen as a positive to many, left me feeling disappointed; Guantanamo Bay is still operating, he didn't end the war only spread it, and the promise of universal healthcare was replaced with Obamacare. Looking back on our previous leaders will always disappoint us, and we will always forget the good they've done for us. Understanding that, we also have to understand there is no such thing as a perfect system or a perfect candidate.  For every few things a president does correctly, there will be many more things they do wrong. This is natural because people are inherently imperfect. 

The 2016 campaign season was an absolutely nightmare. The one candidate I supported, Sanders, was screwed over by his own party. A larger number of candidates were the normal bunch who you'd expect; there was even another Bush running for office, but Jeb didn't seem to have what it takes to keep up. And the rest of the candidates were all duds too. So we were left with Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Trump talked about possibly pursuing the presidency for years, while Clinton has been eyeing the spot since at least the late 1990's. It was similar to a pro-wrestling card where you had two former friends entering a grudge match for a world title. It was a very cinematic, if not cartoonish, campaign season.

"Cosmic Horror" has been the theme for this election season. That sort of existential feeling of staring into the abyss and having the abyss stare back at you with indifference. A great number of people never felt as though either Trump or Clinton really cared for them, so after some time, they both became a means to meet certain ends. I don't believe anyone truly believes in either candidate as role models or politicians, but rather as hopes or idealism's for certain dreams to come true. Trump supporters want a massive overhaul of was is considered by many to be a corrupt system, while Clinton supports want to remain on the same track paved by Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama so that certain programs will remain in tact. In the end, the majority won, proving the system isn't rigged, and the people who wanted a change to our system got their wish. 

Courtesy of InfoWars

A great deal of Trump's campaign has been powered by hate-filled rhetoric towards immigrants, women, the disabled, and the LGBTQ community. Now whether this is how Trump really feels I don't know. I do remember a time when Trump was more, let's say humble, about how he spoke. And although he was always known to be a shady businessman, he was still considered to be a nice person by many. I don't think anyone really took him seriously as a potential candidate, but we were all mistaken to how serious he actually was. 

I have my concerns about Trump and his presidency. Because he was used as a means to an end, I'm not sure he will be a fully positive influence in our Republic and the people who will govern over. A great number of racists and xenophobic people seem to think that Trump will allow them to behave a certain way because they see themselves in him, but I don't think that is the case. Trumps relationship to the American people, and the American people to him will have to have an adjustment period. He is a new kind of candidate and I don't believe we've seen anyone like him. If nothing else I am deeply and genuinely curious to how his presidency will go. 

Courtesy of The Liberty Web

Now, metaphysically speaking, and because in this blog I try to focus on spiritual philosophy, there is a large number of God fearing Americans who believe in Trump as being a chosen-by-God answer to their prayers. I don't know if that is the case, but Master Ryuho Okawa, the leader of the Happy Science religious organization has stated that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of George Washington to reestablish the United States as a world leader. 
"Humans are eternal beings that undergo continuous reincarnation to polish their souls and improve themselves. This process of reincarnation results in a unique story for each individual personality. Happy Science’s spiritual investigations into the reincarnations of well-known people are bringing to light the secrets of this long process of soul polishing.Trump continues to fight in the U.S. presidential elections, and is under fierce attack by the press. He became the Republican nominee contrary to all expectations. Even within the Republican Party many refuse to support him, and now the relationship between Trump and the Party is on the verge of fracture. The protagonist for our series this time is the man in the eye of the storm: Donald Trump [...] According to spiritual investigations by Happy Science, in his past life Donald Trump was born as George Washington, one of America’s founding fathers, and its first president. George Washington, born into a wealthy family in 1732, developed an interest in land and became a surveyor. He inherited his father’s land and later increased his land holdings numerous times." - The Liberty Web, 2016
And, Okawa wasn't the only one making these kinds of claims. In 2011, there was a prophecy by a man named Mark Taylor that claimed Trump was chosen by God to save America. You can listen to this prophecy below. 

Another prophetic analysis on Trump comes from Wayne Thomas, who, through Numerology, says that Trump was chosen by God on the day of his birth. 
"Donald Trump will be inaugurated on January 20, 2017. His birthday is June 14, 1946.
So, let’s walk it back from there.
On June 14, 2016, Donald Trump turned 70 Years old.
On January 14, 2017, Donald Trump will be 70 years and 7 months old.
On January 21, 2016, he will be 70 Years, 7 Months and 7 Days Old…
The inauguration is on January 20, 2017, with a celebration to follow. His first sunrise at work will be the following day, January 21, 2017!
Why numbers matter.
Judeo-Christian tradition places a high value on the number 7. The number 7 represents perfection, while the number 70 represent absolute perfection. The number 70 symbolizes perfect spiritual order carried out with all power. It can also represent a period of judgment.
So is God telling us that Trump will end a period of Judgement, begin a period of Judgement, or that Trump is all part of the plan? Only God knows the meaning if God means to tell us anything at all.
I am convinced that we are being judged right now. Look around, Gay Marriage, re-Marriage, Sexual Issues such as Trans-Sexuality and other things have been on the rise for 8 years, it all started 40 years ago. How much worse can it get, spiritually? Seriously, how much worse can it get?! What has been done is done, we can change it back, but it can NOT get much worse." - Wayne Thomas, NationOneNews, 2016
Now there are more, but the last spiritually-based argument for Trump claims to be from an ancient  Biblical prophecy, that, for the life of me I cannot explain so please watch the video below if you care to know more.

I don't want to make any of this seem like an endorsement of any kind. Don't mistake me, I am not a supporter of any one politician or political party. Although a great number of people I know and love are anti-Trump, another great number of people I know and love are pro-Trump. I find myself somewhere in the middle. Knowing full well that he used to be a man of at least decent common sense, I hope to God some of that man still exists within Trump now. I am anxious to how a many with zero political experience will do in the highest political office in the US, and how this will impact the world as a whole. I am skeptical of Trumps intentions as a political figure, but I hope he can step up and accomplish some good. Call it wishful thinking. 

I want this to be an opportunity for Trump, a man who never had to care for anyone or work very hard, to learn to truly care for others in a way he has never experienced before. I want our nation to bounce back from this in a positive way, and to transmute all of these negative emotions into something positive and radiant. I believe that it's definitely possible for all of us to do this.